Where everything has it’s end

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Seven o clock and the alarm was going crazy.


She moved on the bed and started with the stretching almost on a automatic mode, without thinking a foot come out of the blanquettes to check the temperature. The decision was made. Get up whit sleepers because if it was cold the floor was colder.


¨We have one, screamed Sense, I knew that I would find her!


¨That doesn’t count Sense. Answered Uncertainty on a bad mood. She can be doing this just because she is cold.


No, this must be the sign we are waiting for. Suggested Melancholy, 30 human minutes and then we decide if it’s truly a sign.


It’s being a long time since I decided to watch her, I will give you 30 minutes, answered Sense with no drop of doubt in his body.


Opens the bed, walks with no attention, follows her routine, bathroom, kitchen, some loving petting on the cat.



Now have you seen that, the smile. It’s her, said Sense with a long sigh full of faith.


Prepares the coffee maker, puts the bagel on the toaster, look for the vitamins, take a peek at the window and smile again.


So, now I see it too, let me hear her thoughts. Where is Impatience? Screamed Uncertainty.


Have you call? Impatience answer with no patience. I have told you already, and don’t know how many times, that to hear someone thought is your thing. I don’t feel comfortable on a human head. It’s not funny to listen so many despair.


Come on, start already Impatience, this will end quickly once we hear her thoughts and you can go back to whatever you were doing.


Impatience concentrate itself and to help it’s brothers start to repeat everything she thinks.


… oh my, look the world today, not even eight o’clock and nothing good on the news. So to another thing. The truth is that I can’t think like that after finally sleeping all night long. Let’s see what will we have for the rest of the day. Ophelia don’t be needy, with the quantity of fur you are putting on me I will be ending eating a bagel with Fur de Ophele …


Have you seen the smile again? Screamed Sense. Losing some hope with Impatience and uncertainly so close.


Listen up Sense, sense of humor is not rare in humans. Shut up we have 15 minutes to see and decide.


… remember to put on the list: mom send more coffee …


That’s it, everything in order, it’s a selfish person. Have you finished? I need Impatience, said Contempt.


Stop, be quiet, this is getting interesting. And we only have eight minutes to go. It can finish before, can you see if she is conscious that’s she’s late?


… fast, fast, shit, shit, ok, calm down, bed latter, plates, well latter too, teeth, hair, deodorant, clothes. I have broken my record today but I will get on time to work. Shoes, keys, door, here we go, stair, outside, close the door. Hello day! Rain. Ok there’s an umbrella at the car …


Impatience stop talking, Sense wanted to their brothers to feel and they all have felt and seeing enough, everybody keep silent watching.


She goes on, look at the sky already outside from the protection of any facade smiles and goes straight to the car.


With real tightly crossed arms Contempt smiles and finally says: you are in trouble Sense, now that you have her what do you think you’re going to do? And what’s worth having founded her. After all she is only human. She will never have the opportunity to find her way to our live.


Are you  really sure is her? Impatience ask Sense. Let’s see more, if we are wrong I don’t know what could be worst.


Sense from the deep of his chest full of pain and sorrow lets go a deep sight. It’s being 600 years since we are looking for her, we finaly find the only being in this planet capable of understanding and receive this gift and you keep making me fell doubt? I’m Sense and I live for this. If it wasn’t for the Angels laws. Why we have to give so many explanations? Five of us, four that are sure, Impatience doesn’t count in the final decision, let’s keep the plan and let’s call the Angels.


You don’t have to call us. We have heard. Sense you keep looking, I thought you have give up already. But I can see that your name is your make. You keep looking her to make some sense of your world. Contempt and Melancholy how many years have being since you started to be the judges of this game? Impatience how you didn’t lose your patience already? And you Uncertainty? Anything to ad or you will just stand there? After the meeting on 1931 and all the depression, I could be sure that no one will try this again.


We need everyone here. Said Abaddon, the gray angel, with his voice he made silence between all. And all looked scared trying to understand what was going to go ahead.


Abaddan looked Gabriel and his mind doesn’t go over the fact of the problem. And how HE will take all this. Of course HE knows. Because HE knows everything. But why HE made so many details to find something that already exist?


Gabriel also looked at the emptiness of a crowded city. He didn’t had the courage to look at the human as the others. With heavy breath he seat on floor, he thinks of a day of sun.


The clouds stopped pouring. The wind made they move away. The sun came in less than five minutes. All knew what was going on.


The human in the street look at the sky. The thoughts were about good summer rains.


The five minutes were enough. The angels sent by HE knew what they had to do. And with they had to talk.


Gabriel got on his feet again and looking to his brother started to sing:


¨I have climbed the highest mountains. I have un thought the fields. Only to be with you¨


Sense felling a little beat more relived started to understanding more of the live of his sister Hope and started to sing together:


¨I spoke with the tongue of angels. I have hold the hand of the devil¨


And from there the others joined:


¨You broke the bands, and you lose the chains, carried the cross of my shame, oh, my shame, you know I believe it¨


In her car the women start to change the dial of the radio, she stops in a song she really loves, volume up, close the windows and start singing almost screaming:


¨I believe in the kingdom come. Then all the colors will bleed into one. Bleeding one. But yes, I’m looking for¨


And in this moment HE knew that it was time to proceed to the end of the last remain of Compassion.


By Krika Martinez


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