There are little things that I enjoy in life

Funny audiovisual material is one ot then!

Since university when Youtube wasn´t as big as it is now finding interesting videos was a great thing to share with firends.

This video is one example of that: Weeeee

I spend months and months seeing this video and singing it from time to time with friends.

And recently I even send it to one of my university friends as a happy birthday ¨we are old¨ message.

Don’t fool yourselves is a bad video.

But was made with the most innovative flash (by that time) in a trashy way that made interesting.

Weeeee was the word used to describe happiness for a wile.

Where is the Weeeee from nowadays?

I believe it doesn’t exist from the velocity of internet and the technology of sharing information.

Remember how difficult was to upload a video on youtube? Now you can do it from your cell phone and actually you can download and upload and dowload more and upload infinity.

At the end what we have is this: Youtube Rewind

The video resume of the best videos of youtube at the end of the year.

And actually this always give me some minutes of happiness because it makes me remember all this laughts takem.

But where is our new Weeeee?

Or maybe this wasn’t your thing and in the 2000 you got some Gerbil Mantra, Mamut Chiquitito or Chocolate Rain?

I know that im getting older but I feel that everything is so fast that you don’t get any saudade (brazilian word for missing something in a good or bad way) of videos!

Anyway here is the reaction that i think your are having in this moment: Peanut Butter Baby

Because i know that anything that is written here is new for you!!

Maybe the videos!!


The old lady that miss the old times!

By Krika Martinez


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