La Puda de Montserrat

La Puda de Montserrat

La Puda is a Neoclassicism-romantic antique health resort from Esparraguera, Catalonia, built in 1829. It’s situated on the left from Llobregat River with the most beautiful views from the Montserrat mountain.


On the XVIII century after an earthquake sulfurous waters start sprouting right near from the river. On 1718 a doctor interested in those waters made the first analysis on it but it was only in 1818 that the water started to be used as medical therapy.


After the construction of La Puga, by architect Josep Oriol i Bernadet, the resort had his most popular time at the end of the XIX and beginning of the XX centuries. It was the time when the bourgeoisie from Barcelona went to this place to treat the modern illness the city was giving them!


It was closed in 1958. And by the year 1971 a flood destroyed part of the water treatment zones. Since then the building is more than abandoned. It’s forgotten!


These are some pictures I took with my smartphone.


But I was lucky enough to be accompanied by photographer Marcelo Ruduit!

Be attend to his pictures of this beautiful abandoned place!


If you intent to visit the place be aware that it’s a private propriety!
Very dirty, destroyed and dark.
And please don’t leave your mark.
Respect this piece of history!


More information about La Puda can be found here

The location for visitation in here 
More pictures from the place by Marcelo Ruduit here

By Krika Martinez