From time to time life gives lemons and you make a lemonade.

This guy received talent and he made art.

In a world full of superheroes a new graphic novel with an futuristic ambient mashed with nature and the folklore from South America took my attention.

Sound strange? Maybe, but I can’t wait to receive this novel and try to understand this new category. Or maybe finally I could say: this is so awesome that I can’t put in a category!!

Anyway, let’s put aside my book anxiety, take a look at his crowdfund page: Catarse Galicia

And for all the single ladies in the world, if you buy the R$300 you will have a husband free of charge.

What else you can expect as a summer miracle?

A beautiful graphic novel to read at the beach and a husband as gift!!

Here the Instagram

And the Facebook

And Twitter

By Krika Martinez


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