Florence and the Machine for Dummies

By my point of view *)

So on the 20th of March I had the pleasure to see life a concert from Florence and the Machine.

It was actually more than a pleasure.

That concert gave me all the energy that I could accept and more in this period of my life.

It also was the night of the spring equinox, and call me silly, but it grown something more in me seeing her given all her soul on the stage.

I’m being in love with her music since 2010.

More exactly by the video of the clip above that I adore and the music that became a hymn for all that days I need to remember that exist good and bad days!

I was caught by the videos realizing that was always in crescendo: a new song, a new message and above all a new artistic power exploding on my mind.

Until I found this:

This incredible concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 2012 with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Her voice echoes on my body every time I remember it.

And as you can see her voice is more than enough to fill a full theatre.

From there I brought the talent of her voice and the band to my live!

BUT, and this is a big but.
Only last night I realised why I fell so connected to her image and sound.

She is a living painting of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

More specifically of Elizabeth Siddall the muse of the brotherhood.

A wonderful example of a woman taking control of her life 150 years ago.

She died tragically on 1862 by an overdose but I truly believe that part of her spirit is alive in Florence.

This is my favourite painting of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood with Elizabeth Siddall as Ophelia from Shakespeare Hamlet.

By the way my cat is named Opheli@ by this painting!

Capriciously … It was the perfect night.

It had the most beautiful full moon and an artist that makes clear on stage that she is thankful and happy for her life.

A group that work together to make her fans grow as a positive community.

Love, comfort and a new beginning.
Everything in the same night.
Thanks Florence and the Machine for bringing spring to my life!

For more videos from Florence and the Machine check their Youtube account
For more about Pre-Raphaelites Brotherhood here is the entry on Britannica

By Krika Martinez


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