A big YES …

for the questions below!


Is Aidan Turner the new Colin Firth?

And Poldark the new Pride and Prejudice?



Actually I didn’t made too much research in numbers  of viewers or money made by the two series from the BBC.

But the felling as a fan of the two histories is almost the same.

No I didn’t watched this products directly on England not even from the official BBC channel.

I talk as a fan that had watched the first adaptation of Pride and Prejudice like 10 years after the exhibition on tv and the Poldark saga before reading the books and not watching the seventies adaptation.

But if we take a look on the IMDB information of the two actors after and before the series that made them extremely popular in television even with the difference of age (and time of course) the similarities are huge!


*Actually all the above came from the ¨let’s show some torso¨ scenes that the two actor are (and will always) be remembered.

**Please take a look at works like And Then There Were None, Desperate Romantics, A Single Man and The King’s Speech you will find out that all their talent are better them the abs.

***How about a movie with the two of them … and some rain!!!

By Krika Martinez


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